Berliner Konzert Chor

Berliner Konzert Orchester

An initiative of Jan Olberg, director of the Berliner Konzert Chor, the Berliner Konzert Orchester was founded as an independent registered non-profit organization in 2004 under the chairmanship of Dr. Uwe Mehlitz. Maestro Olberg is responsible for artistic direction; intendant is Dr. Mehlitz.

Solidarity and Autonomy

Although its own autonomous organisation, a strong bond of solidarity exists between the Orchestra and the Choir, and thus the entire Berliner Konzert group. The Orchestra’s first performance was with the Choir at its 50th anniversary festival concert on 9 November 2004; the program consisted of Mendelssohn’s Elias. Since then, the Orchestra has performed with the Choir for most of its major concerts but also attracted considerable attention in its own right. As an independent organization, its services are equally available to other concert promoters.

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